Book: From Problems to Power

From Problems to Power: How to Win Over Worry and Turn Your Obstacles Into Opportunities! By Glenford Smith

Publisher: Jam-I-Can Press  | Price: US$25 |   

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Glenford's Book (Cover)Dear Friend:

You never have to be a victim of worry, doubt and fear again. Neither do you have to let any obstacle, adversity or setback stop you from the success you desire and deserve in your career, business, or personal life.

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That’s because of one simple reason.

The key to success is now available. It’s revealed in the pages of the book veteran journalist Ian Boyne has described as “Among the very best books I have read in the motivational genre since 1972 when I started reading such books.”

That book is titled “From Problems to Power” and is authored by Glenford Smith.

From Problems to Power is Glenford’s first book. It has been described by some readers as “the self-help bible”.

It is a valuable reference manual which combines practical, psychological and spiritual strategies for mastering life’s adversities. It is written partly out of Glenford’s personal experiences of struggle and his intense research and study into how winners achieve success despite hardships, setbacks and adversities.

Problem-to-Power Mastery: The Ultimate Success Edge

Life mastery, Glenford Smith asserts, is about skillfully turning adversity into advantage, not  about merely being positive.  Because adversity is inevitable, problem-to-power mastery is THE most crucial life-success skill. That’s because whatever you desire in life but don’t have, is due to some obstacle that is blocking your path to success. Learning how to transmute your obstacles into opportunity for your success is the ultimate success edge.

Get your copy of From Problems to Power

In 350 enlightening and empowering pages, Glenford will guide you to master the mindsets, gain the knowledge and learn the practical strategies for transforming your obstacles into opportunities.

More important than learning how to succeed, is how to courageously and creatively confront hardships, suffering, adversities and setbacks in life…Anyone can achieve success when things are going well, but only a few can bounce back from devastating tragedy, misfortune and prolonged struggle. No matter how accomplished, famous, wealthy, educated or talented you are, you will be destroyed if you lack the ability to master problems.--Excerpt, From Problems to Power

Learn How to Overcome Worry and Turn Around Your Problems

In From Problems to Power, you learn how not to be burdened down by worry and frustration, regardless of what happens to you. You also learn how not to be immobilized by a painful divorce, embarrassment, unemployment, sudden tragedy, or depression. The book empowers you to overcome the pain and hurt caused by sudden illness or abuse.

Get your copy of From Problems to Power

In it you also gain mastery to turn around such problems as insufficient funds in buying a house or car, rebellious children, and many more everyday difficulties that used to stop you cold.

Learn How to Influence Human Behaviour

From Problems to Power is especially helpful for leaders, marketers and sales-professionals, teachers, caregivers, parents, entrepreneurs and counselors. They, especially, can benefit from the profound insights into the art and science of human motivation. Perhaps for the first time, some  will gain a deep understanding of why people do what they do, don’t do what they don’t, and how to influence them, as never before.

Here’s What Problems to Power Will Do For You

By studying and applying the ideas, concepts and strategies in From Problems to Power, you will:

  • Learn how to bend, not break, when you are experiencing the storms of life
  • Learn a tool called the TNP Rule which makes you immune to being a victim ever again. With it, dealing with difficult people at work or elsewhere becomes easy without you having to lose your cool, or saying something you might regret
  • Learn a simple but powerful strategy that winners use to instantly transform their adversity into advantage
  • Understand the importance of emotional mastery in overcoming setbacks and challenges, and how to use your will power to take charge of your emotions in any given situation
  • Learn what the master-key is for unlocking your power to control the outcome of any problem, obstacle or setback and the 3 elements of this master-key to life-success
  • Learn the 7 myths that may be holding you back from achieving your most important goals, and what to replace them with
  • Receive a gentle wake-call to the world of reality, rather than unconsciously living in denial, blame, or excuses
  • Learn what “explanatory style” is and why it might the be the most important key for turning obstacles into opportunities. (This concept is eye-opening as it enables your understanding of why some people see the glass as half-empty and others see it as half-full!)
  • Learn what “creative visualization” is and how to model the genius Albert Einstein to achieve things you used to think were impossible for you
  • Become more adaptable and flexible to life’s ups and downs by arousing your creativity and resourcefulness in any situation
  • Unleash your self-motivation to take massive action to change your life, no matter what
  • Read stories of people who have demonstrated problem-to-power mastery, and learn from them how to do it yourself
  • Learn how Glenford came to discover the ideas and lessons he shares in his book through harsh personal experiences which forced him to develop resilience

Get your copy of From Problems to Power

Contact Glenford about getting copies of his book or to organise for him to address your group:

Tel: 876.508.7460 | Email: Glenford@ProblemsToPower.Com 

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  1. Michelle Smart

    Sir. My name is Michelle Smart and I just want to that you were a tower of inspiration on Profile I really appreciated your Life Story. I think we need to have more of this in our country so that Jamaica land we love can be better. I just want to say thank you for sharing. Please keep telling your story.

    • Thank you for watching the interview, Michelle. And also for taking time to visit the site and sharing how inspired you were by my story. Each of us has a story which can encourage and inspire others. It was worth it to tell my story, if it empowers you and others to create your own stories of resilience and success. Live powerfully! –Glen

  2. Diana Williams-Freeman

    I too was inspired by your story. It has given me the will-power to brush off myself, think differently and try again. Thanks

    • That’s very gratifying to me Diana. Thanks for watching, and for visiting, and sharing encouraging comment. Live powerfully! –Glen

  3. Sophia Campbell

    Good day sir, I just got the opportunity to see the last fifteen minutes of your interview with Ian Boyne On Sunday June 9, 2013 and might I say it was a great fifteen minutes, I remember I got a glimpse of your book from problems to power at York Pharmacy, I merely went through it but not in great detail. I am working on the funds to get a copy of this book, can I suggest something? Can this book be made available at all libraries in Jamaica? I think everyone if they can’t even afford to buy it should read this book. (That is, if its in a library and I do not know; if it is, can you please inform me where?)

    • Hi Sophia.
      I’m happy you caught at least a part of the interview. You can access the two part interview here on Simply click “Media” on the navigation bar, and scroll down to “The Ultimate Profile Interview”. Thanks also for your great idea about having the book available in all the libraries so anyone can access it for free. I’m due to present the book to the National Library, and will definitely explore how to make your excellent suggestion a reality. Be sure register so you can receive updates on my progress. Wonderful idea! Live powerfully! –Glen

  4. Devoy Burton

    My Name is Devoy Burton. Am a student of Oberlin HIgh school. i want to say Sir, you are a very inspirational motivational speaker . Yesterday when i was watching the Rebroadcast I felt Touched about the struggles and the hardship you faced during your childhood . As a result It helps me to believe in myself and to look towards the society in a positive way.I want to say continue to do the Good work and may God bless you. Big up to you. And to Mr Ian Boyne who is a Great Icon also to the society who changes many people lives in a positive way.

    • Thank you, Devoy. Keep believing in yourself and in your dreams. –Glen

  5. Victoria Findlay

    I found your interview on Profile to be awe inspiring. I can tell you my life will never be the same. Can’t wait to read the rest of your book.

    God bless!

  6. KEZY

    Mr. Smith, I was truly touched and empowered by watching your interview on profile. Indeed I can relate and I hope one day, like you, I’ll be writing my success story. Stay blessed and keep up the good work.

  7. josette peart

    My mother called me and told me to watch your interview on profile; I was so appreciative of your life story, I am more motivated to push through with my plans despite all the adversities I face. I thank you very much. Hopefully I will be able to purchase your books to get more insights. I believe more people need to know your story!!

    • Thank you Jossette. That’s my motto: Keep on pushing! All the best. Live powerfully! –Glen

  8. Heather Stephenson

    Good day sir, i must say i was inspired by your interview on Ian Boyne’s- Profile!(watched it online).

    Sir, your story is one that has to be told over and over again to our nation”s children. I was a fan of yours before, because of your career articles in the Sunday Gleaner, but after i “accidentally” come upon this interview – i am now more than a fan- i want to emulate you sir!

    Your book- From Problems to Power: i can say i “own ” that book! Let me tell you how i “own” that book. I work at a particular store in Central Jamaica and i have “flipped through” your book once or twice, which is in the store and so when you called that store recently, i was the one who spoke with you briefly and handed the conversation over to somebody else based on your queries. I didn’t know that i had a life-changing book at my finger tips! I look forward to speak to you in person if ever you are in Central Jamaica. God bless you and thank you for sharing your story! – Heather

    • I’m happy you were inspired my story, Heather. Also, thanks for being a fan of my Gleaner Careers column.-:)

      I hear that a lot – that persons will come into the book stores and be practically reading through the book.-:)
      Next time I’m in that particular store in Central Jamaica, I’ll be sure to say hi. (And I won’t even report you
      to your boss!)

      Thanks for your very nice comments. God bless you too. Live powerfully! –Glen

  9. Michelle Francis

    I am so privileged to have watched you on profile and hear how you overcame every obstacle. You have inspired me to press on in spite of all the challenges I am going through. Thank you soooo much. You are a blessing. I heard you say something about a seminar in the interview. I need the information so that I can register.

    God bless you.

    • Appreciate your kind and encouraging words, Michelle. Click on the “Seminars” link above for information on the Problems-To-Power Live Seminar. –Glen

  10. Great interview on Profile. Being a past UTech student I encountered the same situations you did; and so have friend of mine. We’re going through some even now, but just to say, I respect your courage and I think being at UTech through the same trials has given me the courage to stand as a man now.

  11. arlene

    Hi Glenford
    It was exciting and enthralling to watch you on Profile. You had me laughing most of the time partly because you manipulated the interview and kept talking most of the time. Mr. Boyne did not get a chance to ask as many questions or interject as in his normal interviews. I felt proud to know you and of course you mentioned my darling husband’s name so you got even more credit (smile) . Both books are excellent. I look forward to reading the others you will write. Big up Glenford . May God continue to give you wisdom to choose and act as you affect the lives of those around you. AFBR.

      Your very kind comments and endorsement of my work means a WHOLE LOT. And for a fact, your husband, Hervin Rowe, has been a great friend and supporter of all I’ve done, for over 25 years now! I have a lot to thank him for.
      Stay well. Continue to enjoy God’s blessings in all areas of your life,
      as you…Live powerfully. –Glenford

  12. Andrew Howell

    I must say Mr. Smith that you have been a TRUE! inspiration. I saw you interviews on profile which was so moving, that i had to buy your problems to power book that same week. I read every chapter within one week. A shocker for me because i hardly read books. There was just something that kept me wanting to read more.
    Keep up the good that you are doing and continue to inspire others. I hope that one day, you will have your own TV programme, similar to profile, where you can reach out to others how to rise to their true greatness!! Our country need more things like these for us to grow.

    • Awesome, Andrew!
      I’m VERY encouraged by your comments.
      Thanks a lot. –Glen

  13. Tevin Campbell

    Mr. Smith, you may not remember me, but I remember you. I am the young chap that was your neighbor, when you lived in 2 North, Greater Portmore, when I attended Ascot Primary School. I usually visited your home in the evenings, where I did my assignments in your library/music room, which had a keyboard I believe. You drove a red vehicle at the time, Honda I presume. I always viewed you with such high regards, as a mentor. Somehow you understood me, and aided me in completing what seemed to be major tasks for me and simple distractions for you. In fact you were one of the key instruments that influenced me to continue to strive through the hardships I faced, even though I’m not completely out of my struggles, but I’m getting there. I would love for the opportunity to meet you again and have a proper rendezvous. If you remember me, it would be nice for you to keep in touch. My contact number is 532-1153 and my email address is Thank you.

    Tevin Campbell

    • Well, thank God for this marvelous technology, which makes possible re-connections like these!
      I’ve always wondered how you were doing, Tevin. I remember you as vividly as if it were yesterday. Very bright young man, who asked great questions and actually listened to the responses. I think you started attending Calabar. I made some inquiries about you at the school, but no one could help in pointing me to you. Even as a child, you showed the signs of ambition and resilience which marked you for excellence. In my mind, I have no doubt you have what it takes to completely overcome your struggles and get to your success destination. I’ll be in touch so we can have that proper rendezvous. I always thought it was no coincidence that our lives touched for that ever-so-brief period. Thanks for making this link and for your kind comments. –Glen

  14. Shanae

    Hi sir, your interview on profile was most uplifting… The part that got me the most was when you said you shouldnt settle for less than the best that I can be. I have been struggling for prolonged period of time and i want the art of resilience and to be strong-willed. I tend to cry a lot and being hopeful is just not enough. Is this book available in book stores in Jamaica?

    • Hi Shanae: Happy you found the interview uplifting. The art of resilience is what From Problems to Power is all about. In fact, it states in the book’s Introduction: Resilience–which is one’s ability to bounce back from adversity–is the most important skill every human being must possess. Yet it is a life skill that is given very little attention in our basic preparation for life.” That is why I wrote From Problems to Power–to give you a step-by-step process for developing the art of resilience. Info on where the book is available is on this website by clicking on “Books” on the navigation bar at the top of the page. –Glen.

  15. Rose Johnson-Smith

    Hi Glenford I am so proud of you. I have said it to you on numerous occasions, but let me publicly state that I am proud of you, you are indeed an Icon. I read your book From Problems to Power when I was facing some serious challenges and I was thoroughly inspired. You are indeed an over comer. I am pleased to have you as family. Continue to shine and touch lives. Joy

    • Thank you so much, Rose! It touches me very deeply that From Problems To Power has inspired and helped you to master your challenges. Time and again, Christ’s words have been validated, that “A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country and among his own family…” (Mark 6:4). How gratifying it is for me, therefore, that you have publicly expressed your commendations of my work, and how proud you are of me. That means a lot! Your family have been a source of encouragement and support for me all through my life. You and your sister, Perline, were my earliest cheerleaders; you believed in me and expressed your faith in my greatness, even when it wasn’t that clear to me. I love you both with all my heart, and thank God for you always. Congratulations on your own outstanding achievements; I’m proud of you, too! Thanks for your love, cuz! God bless! –Devon (to you).

  16. Marlon Richards

    Sir, I am yet to get a copy of your book, but I have enjoyed your interview on profile and I am so motivated to know that despite the challenges one faced daily, the negatives can be overturned to good.

    I wish the younger generation could stop for a brief moment and absorb some of your positivity, used it to master the knowledge they have in this era and I know the end result would be of such that they are happy with themselves.

    Sir Smith keep on being an inspiration to those of us who need guidance and motivation, bless.

    • Thanks Marlon. Appreciate your encouraging comments. Bless up!

  17. kevert Johnson

    Glenford your words are power to me and many other people and you should keep on pushing on because you are coming from far so nothing can stop you now. Words are powerful so what you speak or write in your books can make or break a person and right now these words are making me stronger in what i am doing .

    • Kevert, your endorsement and affirmation mean A LOT. Thanks! You’ve been a tower of strength to me, through the years. Bless up! And keep on doing what you’re doing.

  18. Dear Glenford, I stumbled onto your interview with Ian Boyne via Profile while surfing the Internet, and I am ashamed to admit that I have done more than my fair share of watching the two-part interview. I cannot seem to get enough. I have told sundry people as well about your profile, and they, too, are hyped, encouraged, and cannot wait to purchase your book(s). Let me highlight one observation here: Is there something in the water that triggers people in that region of Clarendon to climb higher heights and descend to deeper depth which allows them to stay rooted and grounded? I can name a number of motivational people that have made their mark both locally and internationally hailing from the James Hill, Trout Hall and Frankfield area; among them, the estimable Claude McKaye, Alvin Day, and now you, Glenford — the Eminent One! Having moved around from one school to the next throughout the island, I had the good fortune of spending one school year at Park Hall Allage School in Taymount, Clarendon while I was enrolled in Grade 3. Thus, I can readily identify with your story of walking to and from school. I was commuting from Bunker’s Hill then. I can relate to you in so many other aspects of your story. What separates you from a lot of other people is your passion to see change in others in real time. Your sentiments are palpable. You definitely have a heart for people, and I have no doubt that your message will reach people hither and yon on a global scale. I live in Seattle, Washington, the Pacific Northwest of the United States, and my brother, I will do my part to spread the good word about you in Bill Gates’ country. I, too, author a motivational/inspirational book entitled, “Blessings at Your Fingertips,” which talks about my own struggles and how they have helped to inform my life today. Like you, I received a copy of Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” from my father, which I mentioned in my book. My only regret is that I didn’t get the book while I was a teenager. But as the saying goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher will show up.” Glenford, it is my hope that we will have the opportunity to share the same platform in the very near future. I am so fired up because of what you have to say and what you are doing to change minds one person/audience at a time. Bright beginnings, my friend!

    • Hi Nandell:
      I’m thrilled you stumbled upon the site. It is particularly gratifying for me, to receive letters like yours, from people who share my roots. I know Bunkers Hill very well. I do draw much inspiration from people like Claude McKay, Edwin Allen, and Alvin Day. Like you, I admire them for their contributions to Jamaica, as well as for making their mark on the global scale. I want to congratulate you on your book, and for the difference you’re making in the United States. I hope to read it, soon. Thank you for your very insightful and kind words and for your well wishes. I wish you all the best too, my friend! –Glen

  19. Tevin Campbell

    This world and time we live in, is truly remarkable. Well i did went to Calabar and graduated with 8 CSECs, 4 CAPEs however I’m pending my unit 2 CAPE results. It would actually be quite interesting to actually meet you again. In fact your interview on Profile was quite stimulating, and was what motivated me to actually re-establish contact with you. Mr. Smith, i believe that everything in this universe is tied, and you may be a testimony to that theory. To think that i a young lad at the time, considered you a mentor and was inspired as i observed you writing your columns for the gleaner in your library, surrounded by multiple books. Now your the author of your own motivational piece of literature. I believe in some way not yet known, you’re the catalyst to my success, whether it may be several years ago or several years to come. Thank you for your positive investment in the past, it molded my present and is the foundation to my future.

What Readers Are Saying

ann marie allenUnlike Any Book I've Ever Read

Dear Mr. Smith. I bought your book (From Problems To Power), a couple months ago and I must say it is unlike any book I've ever read. Well, I am at Chapter 36 and I must say God bless you for sharing. I am indeed empowered, I am more relaxed in the midst of challenges, I learned so much and am still learning. It is the right encouragement at the right time. Praise God! I must say while reading, the circumstances came alive to me; sometimes I laughed, sometimes I cried, and there were just times when I was simply relaxed, learning more about life and getting more intimate with God at the same time. Again, I say God Bless you! And I continue to read. Normally when I read, I pass on my books to someone else but I pray for the financial resources to buy one for all my loved ones because I'm not giving mine away.
--Ann Marie Allen | May 6, 2013

Grate Grand Baby 029A Powerful Book!

Greetings My Brother! Peace be to you and your household.While on vacation in Jamaica, it was my good fortune to  listen your interview with Michael Cuffe on Power 106FM. It was most empowering. Your vibes was most uplifting and your message is what our people need to hear. I had to get a copy of your book "From Problems to Power" to take back home with me. Thank you for making it happen. I have started reading it and want to congratulate you on a powerful book. It is a really good book. Only by a man's works can he be justified; I am glad to know you by such works! This is a photograph of me reading my copy on my flight back to the States. Thanks. --
Keith Jahbi Stewart | Nevada City, California




His Excellency Sir Patrick Allen peruses his copy of Glenford Smith's book "From Problems to Power." The occasion was Glenford's courtesy call at Kings House, the Governor General's official residence, on February 19, 2013.



Prime Minister The Most Honourable Portia Simpson-Miller surprises a delighted Glenford Smith, after receiving her copy of his book "From Problems to Power", April 10, 2013



Former Prime Minister The Most Honourable Edward Seaga in conversation with author and motivational speaker Glenford Smith, discussing one of their favorite subjects-books. Glenford presented Mr Seaga with a copy of his first book "From Problems to Power" and had Mr Seaga autograph his two volume autobiography "My Life and Leadership", at the April 10, 2013 launch of Glenford's second book "Profile of Excellence", at Kings House.